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Copper peptide powder is worth buying

May 06, 2022

In recent years, there is a new "hotspot " blue copper peptide powder. It seems that people don't know much about it, because as long as it is skincare products linked to such material, they are basically expensive.

It may have the effect of anti-aging, so many people are eager to buy it. But is it really necessary to spend a lot of money to buy it?

Copper peptide powder 

In the 1970s, the American Loren pickart, Dr. Loren pickart, discovered copper peptide to be highly effective in treating wounds and skin injuries, later scientists pursued it, building on multiple reports of clinical human experimentation, receiving the several US and global exclusive patents that opened the use of copper for wrinkling.

Because it appears blue in an aqueous solution, GHK Cu is also called a blue copper peptide.

Copper peptide powder


Why is Copper peptide powder so expensive? 

Tripeptide-1, although not new, is rare because one copper ion is bound. Copper ions contribute to many of the body's enzyme reactions, GHK Cu can transport copper ions inside the cell, which is equivalent to their transport medium.

Copper peptide raw material is also very expensive, it's also called " Hermes" in the skincare community, the raw material price is in the range of 18-200000 RMB / kg, at least 100000 RMB / kg more in the country, whose price, can be overwhelmed with an equal weight of gold.

The function of Copper peptide powder

◆Promotes collagen. Stimulates collagen formation with elastin, compacts skin, and reduces stretch.

◆Anti-inflammatory repair. To restore skin repairability, increase skin intercellular mucus production, and reduce skin damage.

◆Stronger skin. Stimulates glucosamine formation, increases skin thickness, reduces skin sagging, and tightens the skin.

◆Anti-aging. The auxiliary antioxidant enzyme SOD has strong and favorable antiradical functions.

◆Stimulates melanin production in hair follicles and regulates energy metabolism in hair follicle cells

Copper peptide powder in skin

Looking at the above, many friends would say that there are no disadvantages other than noble?

There was no denial at first that GHK Cu was a good thing because its efficacy was so strong that everyone ignored its shortcomings.


In addition to being expensive, blue copper peptide the most frustrating ingredient is which has a lot of mispairing contraindications, such as not being able to acidic substances (Fructis acid, A-acid, highly water-soluble Levo VC, salicylic acid, etc.

Failure to pair with peracid or overly basic finished product, too low or too high pH can cause decomposition failure discoloration of GHK Cu with loss of action.

It cannot be used with VC, which is very strong reducing and easily oxidized to dehydrovitamin C, the copper element will oxidize VC, and its own structure is also changed.

Is the higher the concentration, the more effective? 

This is because we have a preconceived main impression that the same good ingredients must be added as much as possible.

Take retinol as an example. It is currently recognized as the most effective anti-aging ingredient. However, not everyone can tolerate it, so it is not suitable for everyone.

Blue copper peptide is gentle and stable. If the normal addition amount is between 0.04% ~ 0.2%, it can achieve very good results. However, if the addition amount is too high, it will cause cytotoxicity.

Some people will certainly be discouraged. In fact, they don't think so, because it can activate the vitality of cells. The anti-aging effect is positive, it is also very inclusive to the skin.

It can better reflect its advantages in people with general skin barriers and sensitive muscles, it is less irritating than general vitamin C and retinol.

to sum up, Copper peptide powder is worth buying.

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