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PQQ powder has gathered 5 global authoritative certifications

Apr 28, 2022

A major event in global nutrition occurred in 2022 when PQQ Powder (the specification of our pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt is 98%, Stock in LA USA warehouse) was approved by the Health Commission of China. It became the officially certified " 3 new food " ingredient, meaning that the safety of PQQ was once again recognized, and finally, the 5 prime global authority approvals were gathered.

The smooth progress of PQQ Powder

Since its discovery in 1979, pyrroloquinoline quinone has received significant attention from both nutritional and pharmacological aspects. Nature and Science have repeatedly reported its magic power.

In 2012, Health Canada (HC) approved PQQ as a natural health food;

In 2016, it was certified by GRAS of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ;

In addition, PQQ was obtained before and after the Japanese Ministry of health, labor, and welfare (MHLW) and European Commission (ESFA) accreditation.

PQQ powder has gathered 5 global authoritative certifications

Legend and humble PQQ Powder---Age reduction begins with each cell

Although it was discovered very late, the powerful efficacy of pqq has attracted the attention of the global academic circle, It is found that it widely exists in nature, especially in breast milk.

breast milk

Benefits of pyrroloquinoline quinone

◆Enhanced mitochondrial function

The cell is the basic unit of human structure and physiological function mitochondria are the energy factories of the cell. PQQ can not only promote the generation of mitochondria but also activate mitochondria, help to improve mitochondrial function, and supply the body with energy.

◆Strong antioxidant capacity

The test found that PQQ can scavenge free radicals in cells, and the antioxidant capacity is nearly 5000 times that of vitamin C.

Nature and Science have repeatedly reported its magic power.

◆Protecting neurological and brain health

PQQ was confirmed to promote neurotrophic factor (NGF) production to protect neurons against damage by neurotoxic substances reduced apoptosis of nerve cells and improve cerebral blood flow. Thus effectively alleviating fatigue, improving sleep quality Improved cognitive function and memory.


Moreover, due to its direct effects on human cells, pyrroloquinoline quinone also has excellent protective and ameliorative effects on the liver, cardio-cerebrovascular, skin, and reproductive systems. It is believed that the increasing benefits of pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt with deeper scientific research worldwide will be unraveled.

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