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Is Ghk-cu Powder good for skin?

May 07, 2022

GHK-Cu Powder also called a blue copper peptide, Copper Peptide is a kind of metal copper ion complex with tripeptide. The appearance presents a distinctive and elegant blue color due to the rich copper ions.

Blue copper peptide can not only reduce scar tissue generation and promote skin self-healing, in terms of wrinkle removal, but it can also reduce daily skin damage to a minimum and delay the aging phenomenon.

GHK-Cu Powder

#01 the value and advantages of GHK-Cu Powder 

Copper Peptide, as one of the hot spot ingredients in recent years, is priced up to a few ten case kilograms and is worth "soft gold in skincare products ".

GHK belongs to a small molecular protein and is the first peptide discovered. Many dermatologists have published many clinical human experimental reports, which confirmed that blue copper peptides can enter the skin dermis and exert their curative effect.

Compared with other polypeptide components, a blue copper peptide can mildly produce anti-aging, healing, repair, and other skincare effects on the skin, Other peptides may be irritant or have a single effect, Therefore, GHK has been praised by dermatologists as a non-irritating anti-aging wrinkle removing ingredient in the 21st century.

the value and advantages of GHK-Cu Powder

After clinical validation by multiple scientists, Copper Peptide has been officially applied in cosmetic maintenance of anti old Wrinkle Repair, It is applied in high-end beauty academician products, high-cost brand skincare products, and after medico cosmetic procedures, etc.

#02 skincare efficacy of GHK-Cu Powder

a. Superior anti-aging ability

Rapid infiltration into the muscle fundus effectively promotes the metabolism of old waste products, is highly effective in promoting collagen production, stimulates the synthesis of glucose polyamines (GAGs), and the skin is fuller and firmer, the tattoo of the face slowly lightens, and rejuvenates the skin.

b. Protection against oxidative invasion

It can block the formation of reactive oxygen species and scavenge various peroxides. milder and less irritating than usual tretinoin and retinol, cutaneous sensitivity can be easily navigated.

Protection against oxidative invasion

c. Healing self-healing

It can promote the formation of keratinocytes, increase the thickness of the skin, help repair the damaged skin barrier, reduce inflammation, calm the skin, and enhance the resistance of skin cells.

c. Healing self-healing

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