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What is the only plant that can extract nervonic acid?

Oct 22, 2020

Acer truncatum seed oil, a new resource food, is a vegetable oil processed from the seeds of Acer truncatum, which is a unique tree species in China.

The characteristic of Acer truncatum seed oil is that it is rich in nervonic acid. The content of the acid in Acer truncatum seed oil is about 6%, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid.

nervonic acid powder

It plays a dual role in protecting the growth of human brain nerve fibers and the repair of damaged nerve cells.

Young children with brain development have 80% of their brains completed by the age of 2 years. During the development of the brain, nervonic acid helps children’s brain development. If the majority of middle-aged and elderly people do not supplement nervous acid, it will cause stroke sequelae and Alzheimer’s. , Cerebral palsy, brain atrophy, memory loss, insomnia, forgetfulness and other brain diseases.

It is difficult for the human body to produce the acid, it can only be supplemented by ingestion in vitro.

At present, nervonic acid at home and abroad mainly comes from deep-sea fish oil and shark brain. Extracting it from these raw materials is difficult and costly. The price of itwith a purity of more than 98% is 1.2 million yuan per kilogram.

nervonic acid

As a specific nutrient for nerve cells, it is also very important for promoting nerve conduction and repairing nerve pathways. This is particularly important for the elderly and can reduce and prevent the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Acer truncatum seed oil products are currently in their infancy. With the promotion of nervonic acid in the future, it will inevitably enter thousands of households.

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