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What is Copper Peptide Powder ?

Aug 26, 2019

Copper Peptide Powder  was originally isolated from human plasma in 1973 and it was found to have wound repair function in 1985. In 1999, researchers believed that copper peptide and its copper complex could act as activators of tissue remodeling, which is also a signal. The peptide promotes the degradation of a large amount of collagen aggregates outside the scar, the synthesis of normal collagen in the skin, the production of elastin, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, the growth rate and migration of different cell types, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation reactions.

A complex composed of copper ions and tripeptide-1 has a blue appearance. They are customarily called blue copper peptide (GHK-CU), also known as blue copper peptide, tripeptide-1 copper. The blue copper peptide is a small molecule protein and was the first peptide to be discovered.

The copper peptide is a small molecule protein component that is easily absorbed by the skin and is currently used mainly for skin care and beauty.

Copper Peptide Powder

Whether it is adolescence or a light maturity period, every girl will always be troubled by a rotten face at a certain stage. Together with our enthusiasm for playing around with mobile phones and playing all night, the toxins in the body cannot be properly dispelled; outdoor tourism is inevitable. The baptism of ultraviolet light. These can lead to a variety of skin problems, such as acne, dark yellow dull skin, slack and so on. Therefore, this type of person can use the blue copper peptide to alleviate their skin problems.

The functions of  Copper Peptide Powder 

Since the discovery of “ Copper Peptide”, scientific research institutions have done a lot of in vitro experiments and clinical comparison experiments and have compared with the traditional anti-aging components VC and VA. It has been found that the blue-copper peptide has many functions on the skin, and the main ones are summarized as follows:

◆ Anti-aging

The bronze peptide has multiple functions, both as a messenger and as a carrier.

After entering the inside of the skin, the blue-copper peptide releases a signal that induces fibroblasts to produce collagen and promote collagen production. In addition, the blue-copper peptide can carry copper ions into the interior of the cell and release copper ions when it encounters the enzyme. Copper ions are very important components of many enzymatic reactions.

The berberine peptide promotes the production of proteoglycans (GAGs), which are important components of the extracellular matrix, which can make the skin full, moist and full of elasticity. Insufficient proteoglycans, the skin will be loose, aging, dry and rough. The core role of the famous anti-aging ingredient Bose is to promote proteoglycan synthesis.

◆ Promotes healing and repairs damaged skin

In addition to anti-aging, blue-copper peptides can promote the growth, division and differentiation of nerve cells and immune-related cells. It also can effectively promote wound healing and hair growth, and repair damaged skin. The berberine peptide inhibits the synthesis of many inflammatory factors and has anti-inflammatory effects.

There are tiny wounds on the surface of the skin, damaged and sensitive skin. Use a product containing blue copper peptide to have a repair effect.

◆ Antioxidant

The antioxidative effect of the blue copper peptide has been confirmed in in vitro and animal experiments. It blocks the formation of reactive oxygen species, removes various peroxides, protects keratinocytes from UV rays, and blocks free radical damage to the liver and protects the liver. The excellent anti-oxidation effect of the blue copper peptide can brighten the skin, exfoliate the skin and prevent the skin from aging.


Application of  Copper Peptide Powder 

The blue-copper peptide has a comprehensive effect on the skin, but it is not widely used in cosmetics, mainly used by some niche brands. The amount of the blue copper peptide is generally between 0.05 and 0.2%, and the appearance is blue. If there is a blue-copper peptide in the composition, but not blue, the amount added is very low. The blue copper peptide is unstable in an acidic environment and releases copper ions and loses its effect. If it is used together with a cosmetic with a PH value, it should be separated for a period of time (about 10 minutes), so that the sebum can fully neutralize the acidic product and then use the product containing the blue copper peptide.

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