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What are the differences between bilberry and blueberry?

Aug 28, 2019

There are more than 130 kinds of bilberry. They includes rabbit bilberry, narrow-leaf bilberry, Australian bilberry, cranberry and so on. The fruit is nearly round, blue-black or deep red. Bilberry contains various components. Such as anthocyanins, pectins, tannins, arbutin, vitamin C and B vitamins. Bilberry can prevent blood vessel rupture, and it is also known as a capillary repairman, protecting the eyes, preventing cancer, and improving the chronic hepatitis B.

bilberry and blueberry difference

Cranberry can increase the flexibility of capillaries, promote the expansion and expansion of blood vessels and prevent blood vessel rupture. Bilberry can strengthen the capillaries in the eyes, strengthen the capillaries in other organs and tissues of the body to prevent vascular lesions in various organs. Therefore, cranberries are known as repairmen of capillaries in the circulatory system.

Black Bean is the perennial low shrubs of the genus Bilberry and is native to North America and East Asia. It is distributed in North Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, North America and China in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin Changbai Mountain and other countries and regions.

Blueberry is rich in nutrients, especially anthocyanins. It not only has good nutrition and health effects, but also has functions to prevent brain nerve aging, strengthen heart, fight cancer, soften blood vessels, and enhanc human immunity. United States is the earliest country to cultivate blueberry, but it has not yet reached a century of cultivation history. Because of its high health value and it is popular in the world and is one of the five healthy fruits recommended by the World Food and Agriculture Organization.

Blueberry fruit is not only attractive in color, but also has a unique flavor. It can be eaten freshly and processed into a variety of foods for all ages. It is very popular among consumers. According to analysis, it has many healthy ingredient . Such as,100 g of blueberry pulp contains about 0.5 g of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, rich pectin substances, SOD and so on.

What is the difference between bilberry and blueberry?

Bilberry is mainly a berry plant, which grow in the Nordic countries, mainly Finland and Sweden. Blueberry is a berry plant, which  cultivated widely in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Chile. Compared with blueberry, bilberry has the content of anthocyanin is higher than blueberry. The reason for this is that Northern Europe is close to the North Pole. When you cut the flesh, the blueberry skin is blue-violet. But the flesh is not, the cranberry is the same.

In addition, due to the price of Nordic bilberry is higher than blueberry. Bilberry is used as a raw material for health food. Blueberries generally as the common food class because of the low content of active substances.

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