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What Does Celery Extract Powder Function on Diabetes?

Mar 06, 2020

Celery extract powder has a high corn value, and its properties are cool, sweet, and non-toxic. It has the functions of heat dissipation, dispelling wind and dampness, invigorating the stomach, invigorating the gas, clearing the intestines, invigorating the lungs, relieving cough, reducing blood pressure, and strengthening the brain. Intervention of celery active ingredients on diabetes and complications.

celery extract powder

Control of diabetes blood sugar

Celery extract contains a large amount of crude fiber and supplementary fiber. Celery can reduce the feeling of bulging gastric wall nerve reflex disease due to insufficient amount of staple food and balance the patient's stomach fiber Fiber is one of the essential nutrients for the human body. Celery is rich in crude fiber and stacked fibers. Substituting fiber refers to components that cannot be digested and absorbed in plants. It is an undeniable element for maintaining health and can prevent the rapid digestion of glucose. Celery can also reduce blood sugar. At the same time, crude fiber and celery contain flavonoids, which can improve microcirculation and promote the role of sugar in muscles and tissues. In the transformation, the Mg Z + element and selenium in celery can all help lower blood sugar.

Therapeutic effect on diabetes and hypertension

Medical research shows that celery contains apigenin, celery general, but also volatile oil, celery A, celery B and other substances related to blood pressure. The role of celery in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension is precisely aimed at the above mechanism. With the improvement of living standards, people's intake increases, the energy consumed by activities is decreasing, and the incidence of diabetes and hypertension is increasing.

Effect on Diabetic Lipid Leukemia Disorder

Therefore, celery is particularly suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and tumors. In the celery test, the celery extract was sampled for thin layer chromatography analysis. The result showed that there was no recognized hypolipidemic component in the extraction constant, indicating that alternative extraction of celery still had other hypolipidemic components.

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