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What Are the Benifits of Celery Extract Powder?

Mar 20, 2020

Celery extract powder contains celery flavonoids, apigenin, ketones, ketones such as ketones and ketones, and phthalein compounds such as celerytin and celerytin. And it has many benefits.

Blood pressure and lipid lowering

Dietary fiber in celery extract plays an important role in the lipid-lowering process. Cholesterol in the liver is metabolized to bile acid, which reaches the small intestine to digest fat, and then bile acid is absorbed by the small intestine back to the liver and converted to cholesterol. Dietary fiber absorbs bile acid in the small intestine, so that bile acid cannot be absorbed back to the liver by the small intestine, but is excreted through the digestive tract along with the fiber. In order to digest the fat that constantly enters the small intestine, the liver can only replenish the lost bile acid by absorbing the cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the cholesterol in the blood. The flavonoid extract of celery has a regulating effect on blood lipids.

Celery extract powder

Control blood sugar

Celery extract powder has the function of controlling blood sugar, mainly because it contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which can form a mucous membrane in the gastrointestinal tract and block the rapid absorption of glucose by the digestive tract. So it can slow the digestion and absorption of food nutrients which can absorb glucose, slow down the body's absorption of glucose, so that the blood sugar value of the body does not rise sharply after meals, thereby reducing the body's demand for insulin, which is beneficial to improve the condition of diabetes. It was also mentioned that flavonoids contained in celery can improve microcirculation, promote the conversion of sugar in muscle and tissues, and also play a role in lowering blood sugar.

Spermicidal effect

Apigenin is a phytoestrogen. Healthy adult men insist on daily consumption of celery for 2 weeks or more, which will lead to a decrease in sperm density in the semen, which has a spermicidal effect and may even reach the level of difficulty in conception. It provides a possible way for male contraception. Through mouse experiments, the effects of celery extract powder on various aspects of mouse sperm motility were investigated. The results showed that the teratogenic effect of celery's sperm was not obvious, but it could affect the changes of sperm motility parameters and lead to a decrease in sperm density. At present, it is thought that apigenin in celery promotes the apoptosis and inhibits the growth of non-germ cells and germ cells, which leads to a decrease in the number of sperm, which is manifested as a spermicidal effect.

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