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Results of b NMN human clinical trials in 66 people were published

May 20, 2022

On May 5, 2022, the international authoritative journal Frontier in Aging published a report on a clinical trial of b NMN, bringing a new indication mark for healthy aging. This article shows that a company (Shanghai). has started this human clinical trial in 2020 with a trial number as high as 66, which is even more impressive compared to the more than a dozen previous trials.

Frontiers in Aging is one of the world's largest and most cited publishers, led and reviewed by an editorial board of over 100000 top researchers. The trial was reviewed by scientists, including professors at Harvard Medical School, and Frontiers in Aging agreed to publish a report on human clinical trials for NMN (Figure 1).

uthever ® Report of human clinical trials for NMN (Figure 1)

The main objective of this trial was to verify the safety of b NMN ingredients. Meanwhile, some effectiveness trials were also conducted in this study. The following are the conclusions of the human trials in the report:


There were trends for improvement or improvement in serum NAD + / NADH levels, 6-minute walk endurance test, SF-36, and homair index in the NMN group compared with the placebo group. As an endogenous compound, NMN's regulation of various physiological functions in the human body is a slow and stepwise process, the present trial sufficiently demonstrated that supplementation of NMN has the potential to improve human viability, while more proved that NMN is safe.

Serum NAD + / NADH levels


The main study measure to assess the effectiveness of NMN was the NAD + / NADH level in serum, which was elevated by 11.3% in the active group compared with the basal value at day 30, whereas no significant change was observed in the placebo group. At the end of the study (day 60), NAD + / NADH levels were further increased by 38% in the NMN group, but only by 14.3% in the placebo group. In the present study, the increase in the placebo group may be related to the placebo effect.

It was shown to be safe and effective in raising NAD + / NADH levels in humans in this clinical trial, leading to healthy aging. The application of an FDA-certified Gras (generally recognized as safe, generally recognized as safe) means that b NMN raw materials have taken a landmark step through country food regulations. Let us together expect more possibilities for NMN products.

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