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Pure Melatonin Powder is suitable for the treatment of CRSD

Oct 27, 2021

Pure Melatonin Powder is not used to treat insomnia in general. It is specific. it is available for the treatment of circadian rhythmic insomnia (CRSD) with specialists recommended.

What is circadian rhythm insomnia?

Circadian rhythmic insomnia (CRSD) refers to sleep disorders caused by 24h biorhythm upset, such as some people delay rest (sleep late and wake up late), those who move forward (early to bed and wake up early), some people work shifts, or work overtime (flying crews). CRSD is more common among them.

Circadian rhythmic insomnia

For this group, taking pure melatonin powder 1-3 hours before bedtime can help them return to normal circadian rhythms.

A study has found that patients with circadian rhythmic insomnia were able to return to normal sleep patterns within a year when received six weeks of melatonin therapy.

CRSD is most frequent in the elderly

In the above-mentioned circadian rhythmic insomnia older people are more likely to move forward (early to bed and wake up early).

Melatonin is useless because it is early to bed.

Other methods can be used to adjust this forward work and rest. The best method is behavior training or phototherapy.

pure melatonin powder

Commercially available pure melatonin powder is identical to pineal synthesized melatonin, which does not mean it is the same after taking it.

Most of the melatonin sold is taken orally, while the "bioavailability" of oral drugs (or supplements) is often low.

According to a study published in the journal BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology, oral melatonin's bioavailable have been reduced to just 3%. Depending on your sleep, decide whether to buy.

If you want to know more about pure melatonin powder, please contact: sales15@prsbiotech.com

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