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Prius manufacturer Supply Top Quality PQQ powder

Jun 09, 2022

In 2008, FDA accepted the application of PQQ powder as the raw material of new health food, at the same time, the health food with PQQ as the main raw material began to be sold in North America.PQQ exists in our normal diet, breast milk, and our organs and tissues.

Prius is a supplier of raw materials for PQQ powder. According to our research, PQQ, as a super antioxidant, can improve brain function. It has the effect of fast memory, remembering things that are not easy to forget, and improving short-term memory. PQQ, together with DHA, EPA, and coenzyme Q10, has become a brain food, but the mechanism of action is completely different.

PQQ has 3 pillars for brain health: it can enhance the growth of peripheral nerves and sensory nerves, maintain the required NGF (nerve growth factor), and inhibit the death of nerve cells; Inhibiting the activity of reactive oxygen species that promote cell aging is more durable and powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E; Promote the regeneration of mitochondria that exist in cells and generate energy for physical activities.

Prius manufacturer Supply Top Quality PQQ powder

PQQ has 3 pillars for brain health

At present, the combination of PQQ and anti-aging raw material NMN has become a classic, promoting mitochondrial energy supply and mitochondrial regeneration.

Human clinical trials show that PQQ can also improve sleep, fat, and uric acid value, and prevent women consumers and the elderly from suffering from dry skin and other problems.

Animal experiments in mice show that PQQ can reduce blood pressure and blood glucose and improve insulin resistance. It is believed that PQQ will play a great role in the field of anti-diabetes.

The latest research results show that PQQ can also inhibit ovarian aging (fibrosis) caused by age, and regulate follicular maturation and ovulation environment

The development prospect of PQQ powder as a functional food deserves the expectation of the world!

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