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nmn raw material free sample comes from PriusMechanism,Efficacy of action,Supplement

Jun 10, 2022

First of all, you need to make it clear that you can get an nmn raw material-free sample of Prius before deciding to purchase. Next, we will introduce the mechanism, efficacy, and supplement of the ingredient.

"Aging" seems to be the curse of human beings, who have been trying to obtain the "golden key" to anti-aging. From the pre-Qin period to the present day, human beings have never stopped pursuing longevity.

Since 2013, the anti-aging performance of NAD+ has been "dazzling". As the best substance to supplement NAD+, NMN has become a "star molecule" in the scientific research field in recent years.

nmn raw material free sample comes from Prius: Mechanism

To understand the efficacy of NMN, we must first understand its working principle.

The latest textbook of aging biology in 2019, Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing, summarizes the aging research over the past decades and attributes the aging mechanism to the damage of oxidative free radicals and the decline of NAD+ levels.


NAD+ is a gene that can "turn off" the aging process. 

From the age of 25, the NAD+ level of the human body will decline with the growth of the human age. When it decreases, effective communication between cells cannot be established, energy will decline, and mitochondrial dysfunction will occur.

Cell apoptosis will lead to aging and disease.

As the direct premise of NAD+, NMN is the ideal way to supplement NAD+. Scientific experiments have confirmed that: after taking NMN orally for ten minutes, it can enter the blood; After 30 minutes, the content of NAD + in the human body will be increased to play an anti-aging role.

With regard to the efficacy of NMN, we have reached the following conclusions through a series of experiments.

 nmn raw material free sample comes from Prius:Efficacy of action

In recent years, the research on NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is very popular in the field of anti-aging.

A number of academic papers have been published in authoritative academic journals represented by Cell, Nature, and Science. With the deepening of research, the anti-aging function of NMN has been continuously discovered, and more research is in progress. So what effects of NMN have been discovered by scientific research?

1. Anti-aging

Enzyme I (NAD+) maintains the chemical communication between the nucleus and mitochondria, and the weakening of communication is an important cause of cell aging.

As the only substrate, coenzyme I is consumed to produce longevity protein, which can eliminate the increasing epigenetic noise in the process of cell metabolism, maintain the normal expression of genes, maintain the full-time function of cells, and slow down the aging of human cells.

Anti aging

2. Energy supply

It catalyzes the generation of more than 95% of the energy required for life activities. Mitochondria in human cells are the power plant of cells. Coenzyme I is an important coenzyme in mitochondria for aerobic oxidation and metabolism of a tricarboxylic acid cycle to generate energy molecule ATP, so that the three major types of nutrients obtained by the human body, sugar, fat, and protein, can be transformed into energy required by the human body and substances required for other metabolic activities through the tricarboxylic acid cycle.

3. Repair genetic genes

Coenzyme I (NAD+) is consumed as a substrate to generate the gene repair enzyme PARP1. At the same time, PARP1, which has lost its activity due to the binding of protein dbc1, can be isolated to restore its activity. PARP1 can re-encode the damaged gene according to the normal gene sequence to repair the gene.

4. Promote vascular regeneration and maintain vascular elasticity

To enhance endurance and vitality, blood vessels are "channels for blood circulation" and indispensable organizations for life activities such as carrying oxygen and nutrients, handling carbon dioxide and metabolites, and regulating body temperature.

With the growth of age, blood vessels also gradually lose their softness, harden, thicken, and narrow, thus causing "arteriosclerosis".

NMN can increase the activity of elastin in blood vessels, so as to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and maintain the healthy state of blood vessels.

5. Prevent bone mineral density decline, improve vision and immune function, etc

Aging is the result of stress and strain, injury and infection, a decline of the immune response, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, and other factors.

The accumulation of aging factors can be reduced through nutritional supplements or good living habits, so as to delay aging.

Prevent bone mineral density decline, improve vision and immune function, etc

Oral NMN can quickly convert into NAD+ in tissues and effectively eliminate various physiological declines related to aging:

Prevent weight gain related to aging, improve metabolism, increase physical strength, improve insulin sensitivity and plasma fat index, improve vision, improve immune function, prevent bone mineral density decline, etc.

6. Detoxify alcohol and protect the liver

Long-term drinking is an important cause of liver disease worldwide.

Biochemical mechanisms including oxidative stress, inflammation, metabolic disorders, and the destruction of NAD+/NADH are related to the occurrence and development of alcoholic liver disease (ALD).

Alcohol causes a decrease in NAD + levels in the liver.

In 2019, Mohammed a. assiri et al. Found that:

NMN can increase the level of nad+ in the liver of experimental mice and change the expression of 25% of genes regulated by ethanol metabolism, which is of great significance for the treatment of alcoholic fatty liver.

7. Whitening and moisturizing

The strong antioxidant activity of NMN makes it a potential photoprotective agent to protect cell membrane and mitochondrial membrane from oxidative damage and prevent skin photoaging.

And can significantly reduce the precipitation of melanin, leaving the skin dark, colorless, and spotty.


8. Prevention of diabetes

The key to lowering blood sugar is insulin. If the islet cells are damaged to cause insulin secretion disorder, it is easy to cause diabetes. NMN can stimulate the insulin activity and strengthen the decomposition of fat and polysaccharides. Therefore, NMN can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Prevention of diabetes

9. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

NMN can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases by increasing high-density lipoprotein, reducing low-density lipoprotein, being oxidized, reducing inflammatory reaction of macrophages, reducing the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, and increasing the stability of atherosclerotic plaque, reducing plaque rupture, and improving blood flow.

10. Prevention of hypertension

NMN mainly inhibits and reverses atherosclerosis by supplementing NAD, allowing foam cells to gradually restore smooth muscle cells of blood vessels, thus restoring vascular elasticity, while preventing the reformation of thrombus by anti-inflammation effect, subsequently opening up blocked collateral circulation, expanding blood volume, and thus persistently slowly reducing blood pressure.

nmn raw material free sample comes from Prius: Supplement 

So potent is the efficacy of NMN that many people doubt that there will be no adverse effects from taking NMN?

This point is not at all a concern, several prominent research institutes worldwide conducted human clinical trials of NMN and found that long-term use did not cause any adverse effects on our human body, while has significant anti-aging effects, this result was also registered in the top three international academic publications.

In fact, many natural foods contain NMN, but because the content is too low, it is difficult to rely on natural foods to supplement adequate amounts of NMN.

If you want to consume 100 mg NMN, you need to consume about 8.9 kg broccoli / 11 kg cabbage / 23.8 kg beef / 45 kg shrimp, so NMN is absolutely safe for humans. You can be completely reassured.

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