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How to use Carnosic acid in food industry?

Jan 18, 2022

Carnosic acid is used in meat products, deep-sea fish oil, oral liquid, oil, seafood, pet food, candy, and other food industries, which can prevent and delay the oxidative deterioration of products, improve food taste and prolong shelf life.

Carnosic acid in food industry.jpgIn Europe, CA is used to prevent the oxidation of sausage and ham products; in Japan, it is applied to fried food to prevent light deterioration after packaging, which can also be used to remove the fishy smell in frozen food.

Mao Shaochun et al. Reported that adding 0.03% rosemary extract to peanut oil, has strong antioxidant performance at 150 , compared with the antioxidant capacity of traditional synthetic antioxidants PG and BHA. The results show that rosemary antioxidant > PG > BHA. Li and others treat yellow croakers with chitosan and rosemary extract at the same time, It was found that Carnosic acid could significantly reduce the number of live bacteria in meat products and prolong the shelf life of yellow croaker.

Wu Zhouhe et al. Used the extracts of licorice, clove, and rosemary to delay the shelf life of soy sauce and achieve bacteriostatic and antiseptic effects. At the same time, they gave soy sauce a special flavor: Yang Lei et al. Added the active component Carnosic acid to deep-sea fish oil, and analyzed and monitored the changes of polyunsaturated fatty acid content during fish oil storage by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The results showed that, During storage, CA can effectively inhibit the oxidation of fish oil in a dose-response relationship.

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