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How to test carnosic acid?

Nov 05, 2021

Regarding the detection of carnosic acid, GB1886.172-2016 has a test method, there are many customers who need to do quality control, there provides two reference-only detection methods.

The first method is high-efficiency liquid phase HPLC, Because gb1886.172-2016 for carnosic acid was detected using HPLC, the method is from the carnosol peak retention time until the retention time of Carnosic acid peak.

How to test carnosic acid

The second type of method was UV spectrophotometry, which was detected by using 98% carnosic acid as the reference and the wavelength was 230 nm. Interested friends can try the difference between the two.

TLC analysis for carnosic acid: high-performance silica gel G thin-layer plates 105% activated 0.5 h; Developer: chloroform monoethyl acetate monoglacial acetic acid (15:1:0.1); The upper row is developed, and silver nitrate MONOAQUEOUS solution is sprayed, resulting in black spots against a white background.

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