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How is β-nicotinamide research going?

Apr 06, 2022

The application of any one of the emerging active ingredients requires long-term and extensive scientific studies to prove its safety and efficacy in humans. Indeed β-nicotinamide related functional experiments have yielded a lot of positive results. A large body of research evidence has demonstrated the involvement of NAD + in a broad spectrum of cellular responses, including multiple reactive pathways associated with the regulation of the cell cycle and senescence.


Elevating intracellular NAD + levels has been shown to increase lifespan in multiple model organisms. In addition, Nmn Nicotinamide Mononucleotide has also been shown to reduce disease risk in animals in many animal experiments:

Yu and colleagues from Cambridge University published research in the celldeath & Disease Journal showing that β-nicotinamide, a precursor of NAD + in the diet, inhibits neurodegeneration in a Drosophila model of Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers at Keio University found that NMN treatment improved swelling and enlargement of glomeruli in diabetic mice;

Sun and Zhang published a study in the European Journal Of Pharmacology that their transplantation of MSCs treated with endogenous growth hormone ghrelin into aged mice subjected to IR injury improved the protective effect of MSCs and, more importantly, when researchers injected NMN with ghrelin treated mesenchymal stem cells, the cardioprotective effect was synergistically enhanced.

b nmn animal experiments such as the above have grown rapidly worldwide since 2013, with more than 1000 papers published each year. Although a large number of animal experiments have yielded positive results, human clinical trials are in their infancy, it is currently one of the key reasons for the NMN industry to be questioned.

more than 1000 papers published

Data searched from 2014 to 2020 using NAD as the keyword according to Wanfang Data knowledge service platform showed that b nmn related basic research grew rapidly from 2013 onwards:

Beginning in 2021, scientific teams in the United States and Japan were the first to fill the gap in human clinical trials for NMN. April 22, 2021, Samuel Klein's research team at the human nutrition center, Washington University School of medicine, USA, presented in science results showing that NMN enhances muscle tissue insulin sensitivity in pre-diabetic women.

In July 2021, the University of Tokyo, Japan, completed a clinical study on elderly men and published the findings on the research square. This study shows for the first time that administration of NMN increases NAD + levels and improves various indicators of muscle strength and performance.

Human clinical trial data are unquestionably the " gold standard " for demonstrating the safety and efficacy of β-nicotinamide, yet our country has not had any human clinical trials of NMN conducted in authoritative medical centers to date. As an anti-aging ingredient in the fire burst of China's market in recent years, NMN needs to be more rigorously tested in large sample randomized double-blind human clinical trials in China to really alleviate market concerns.

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