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Do you know pandan leaves benifits?

Sep 11, 2019

Pandan leaf, a vanilla with medicinal value - the locals use Pandan leaf as the main spice to cook a world-famous Thai meal. Pandan leaf is used to treat hepatitis, moisten the lungs, clear away heat and detoxify, cool off the heat, hangover, cure drunkenness, and cure gout. Malays use it to make sweet pastries, such as green glutinous rice cakes and other sweet pastries. Indians use it to make chendol. It is commonly used because of its aroma and its greenest natural food coloring source. Pandan leaves benifits are so many.


But many people have never known it except flavor and color. There are no other benefits in the end.

The uses of pandan leaves:

The leaves of pandan are rich in linoleic acid, squalene, vitamin K3, chloroplast alcohol, squalene, and artemisia. Its functions are as follows:

◆ It contains linoleic acid, which can lowers blood fat, eliminates excess body fat, lowers blood pressure, reduces platelet aggregation, and increases red blood cell deformation. Linoleic acid is called an essential fatty acid because the body itself cannot synthesize or synthesize very little. Because linoleic acid can reduce blood lipids and prevent atherosclerosis, it is receiving more and more attention.

Pandan leaf contains Squalene. It has strong oxygen supply capacity, which can effectively protect the skin in a harsh environment, maintain the softness and health of the skin, promote the body's metabolism and accelerate the repair of human tissues. So it is very popular with women. It can enhance the body's immunity, increase the oxygen content in the blood, improve long-term fatigue, work and learning pressure, body overdraft, air conditioning environment, lack of oxygen, mental discomfort, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and anti-tumor function, It inhibits the formation of cancer cells, prevents the spread of cancer cells caused by chemotherapy and leukopenia, and treats gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and lung cancer.

Vitamin K1 is formed by the condensation of chloroplast alcohol and acetylated vitamin K3. Vitamin K1 is involved in the synthesis of liver thrombin, which is used to treat obstructive jaundice, jaundice and neonatal hemorrhagic diseases. It also has diuretic, enhances liver detoxification, participates in cell membrane structure, and lowers blood pressure.

Pandan leaves can also deodorize and drive away cockroaches. Many people will put it in the car or at home, when the air freshener.

Another groundwork of the Malay community is to grind its leaves into powder, which means that the extract of the orchid leaf can cure measles.

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