Stone Fruit Jujube Fresh Juice Full Automatic Production Line

Stone Fruit Jujube Fresh Juice Full Automatic Production Line

1.Product Name:Jujube Seed Extract
2.Appearance:yellow brown powder
5.Certificate:FDA, ISO,SGS
6.Grade:Food grade

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Through our unceasing efforts, we have created numerous innovative and have always contributed to the development of society through our business activities. We attach importance to the attraction, training and gathering of talents in the industry, and strive to build a stage where employees display their talents, career development and company development goals are consistent. Our company always at your service at any time. We take the increasingly powerful production technology strength, excellent professional management team and advanced scientific management mode as strong support. The popularization of information technology, the social demand for personalized and diversified products and the emergence of the buyer's market provide our company with favorable conditions and opportunities.

Product Introduction:

Spine Date Seed is traditional Chinese herb. It contains jujuboside A, jujuboside B, betulinic acid,betulin and ect.

Jujube seed powder was used to soothe the nerves, stop sweating, nourish the heart, benefit the liver, treat insomnia, tranquilize the mind.

Jujube Seed extract

Product Parameter:

Product Name jujube seed powder
Appearance yellow brown powder
Part Seed
specification 10%~99%
certificate FDA, ISO,SGS
Grade Food grade
delivery within 3 work days
in-stock Available
Type Herbal Extract


◆ Spine Date Seed Powder as a nutrient tonic.

◆ Jujube seed powder as a blood cleanser.

◆ Spine Date Seed as an important adjunctive herb to other tonics, especially in combination with ginseng builds strength and extend life.

◆ It as a sedative and laxative removes obstructions of the energy flow.

Jujube  Powder


◆ The spine date seed extract can help for a good sleep and clam .it can improve the quality of the sleep and can be used to cure the depression.

◆ The spine date seed extract also have a function of inhibitor eclampisa and low the body temperature.

◆ It have a good effect for the cardiovascular system . it is a good cardiotonic and also have a positive effect for the expansion of the microvascular diameter.


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We still have a long way to go from the famous brand, we still need to increase our R&D efforts and improve the technical content of our Stone Fruit Jujube Fresh Juice Full Automatic Production Line. With a scientific, open, honest, and grateful mentality, we work with partners around the world to provide users with high-quality and reliable systems and services. Based on the business tenet of 'Pragmatic integrity, safety and stability, technological innovation', we have always been pursuing the goal of creating more valuable products for global customers.

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