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Why can lutein protect the eyes?

Aug 10, 2021

Many people know that lutein can protect the eyes, but it is not clear why it can protect the eyes, starting with our retina. There are two main types of carotene in the retinal macular region: lutein and its isomorphic maize, the former can improve vision by improving admosis and protect the CCTV mesh.

Its benefits to the eyes can be seen in three main areas:

Why can lutein protect the eyes

1.The main pigment component of the retina:

Lutein is the most important pigment in the retinal macular part of the eye, which has an important protective effect , it is prone to lesions of the macular disease and blurred central vision when lacking, until dark shadow appears and even complete blindness occurs.

2.Protect your eyes from light:

Our eyes are very sensitive to light, blue and ultraviolet light in visible light directly damage the lens and retina , and "oxidize" tissue cells, producing free radicals that accelerate the aging of the human eye. Lutein has antioxidant, anti-free radical effect, it can absorb harmful light, protect our visual cells from damage.

3.Help prevent eye disease:

It can prevent the occurrence of lesions such as macular degeneration and retinal pigmentation in old age. In addition, lutein can also protect vision, delay the deepening of myopia, effectively relieve visual fatigue, improve blurred vision, dry eyes, eye pain, eye swelling, light fear and so on.

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