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The challenge of bioavailability to curcumin powder

May 24, 2021

The reason why the curcumin powder market is relatively hot is also related to its low bioavailability. The natural industry is concerned about low bioavailability . In addition to quality issues, product developers and brand owners have realized the challenges that bioavailability poses to curcumin , which have developed many carrier technologies to improve curcumin powder absorption, including microencapsulation, nanoparticles, and phospholipid complexes. , Raw material compounding, cyclodextrin embedding, etc.

Factors such as raw materials, product formulations, solubility and other factors will affect the bioavailability of raw materials, and the solutions developed by different companies are also different. For example, Sabinza used a combination of curcumin and piperine to develop a curcumin C3 complex product with high market awareness; Idina and Dutch CureSupport improve the absorption rate through phospholipid compound technology, but the two technologies have differences in process and phospholipid content;

curcumin powder

WACKER Chemie’s γ-cyclodextrin embedding technology can significantly increase the stability and absorption of raw materials.

The current development of the curcumin powder market is closely related to the innovation of raw materials, from the rough mention of ultrafine powder to the current liquid form. Of course, the most direct reason for the rise of the curcumin market is the safety and effectiveness of clinical research. More than 10,000 scientific research documents worldwide have directly promoted the development of the curcumin market. The promotion of raw material suppliers also plays an important role, including quality traceability control system, animal and clinical research data support, global market layout, promotion of regulations, and seeking government support.

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