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Pharmacological effects of Valerian Extract

Jul 08, 2020

Pharmacological effects of Valerian Extract

1. Sedative effect

A mixture of Valepolriate and isoprene-based dihydroherin 36. 1mg/kg has a stabilizing effect on mice and improves the free movement ability of mice, reducing cat and dog restlessness and aggressive behavior. The study showed that: oxalic acid has a sedative effect on mice; oxalycosis can make mice quiet and prolong sleep time; isoprene inhibits the output pulse of the hippocampus, isoprodagey base teraphre has a sedative effect, decomposition product hoaldrinal has a calming effect to change the shape of EEG; Valerian esters and other decomposition products are more active (some German products use this as a quality control indicator). its water extract also has a calming and sleep-enhancing effect. The sedative effect is related to essential oil components, its esters (Iridoids), and water-soluble components.

2. Antispasmodic and anti-arrhythmic effects

The water extract of its has the effect of prolonging the effective refractory period and inhibiting self-discipline on isolated guinea pig myocardial fibers. Isovalerate has a short-term antihypertensive effect similar to acetylcholine.

3. Liver protection

For rabbits with liver damage caused by carbon tetrachloride, its 3-59 is given daily. Pathological section studies have shown that the liver has a considerable degree of protection.


4. Anticonvulsant effect

Valerian essential oil can fight convulsions caused by pentylenetetrazole, thiosemicarbazide, electric shock, etc.

5. Other functions

Cytotoxic and anticancer effects, antidepressant effects, antibacterial and antiviral effects, etc.

6. Toxicity and mutagenicity

Zhan Guoxuan and other research shows that: mouse through oral weed LD50 is greater than 209/k,which is a non-toxic range: from the one-group screening mutation test, mouse sperm malformation test, bone marrow multi-dye red blood cell micronuclearity test and Ames test are negative, it did not find that causes mammalian body cells, reproductive cell distortion and bacterial genetic mutation effect. The average length of the elicit cycle and the fertility index were unchanged for 30 consecutive days when the rats were fed with herb in. During pregnancy, rats administered a high-dose weed rope mixture (12 to 24 mg / kg), the amount of bone block increased, but fetal rat toxin and fetal rat development did not show abnormal. Peritum injection herb in can lead to the parent body temperature reduction, oral is no effect, without non-toxic.

Long-term use can have minor side effects, such as headache, excitable, uncomfortable, insomnia, and some damage to the heart. Oversized doses can paralyze the central nervous system, slow ingons of heart rate and increase intestinal creep. The toxicity of Valerian trieste is very small.

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