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How Many Health Benefits of Blueberry Extract Do You Know?

Jan 08, 2020

Blueberry Extract is extract from bleberry.  How many health benefits of blueberry extract do you know?

Antioxidant effect

Blueberry anthocyanins are natural water-soluble free radical scavengers, and their antioxidant properties are 20 times that of vc and 50 times that of vg. Blueberry anthocyanins have the ability to resist liposome peroxidation, reducing ability, and scavenge superoxide anions. Ability of free radicals and hydroxyl radicals Blueberry pomace flavones have strong antioxidant capacity. Especially the purified flavonoids have enhanced antioxidant capacity.

Blueberry extract

Bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

One of health benefits of blueberry extract can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Studies have shown that can inhibit E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus, and fermented milk is added with an appropriate concentration. Studies on the promotion of Lactobacillus acidophilus by Wang Jing and other studies have confirmed that blueberry anthocyanins can increase the pain threshold and suppress auricle swelling in mice, and have obvious analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Immunomodulatory effect

Yan Zing et al. Studied the immunoregulatory effect of blueberries on mice. Oral administration  to mice showed that the ear swelling of mice significantly increased the lymphocyte proliferation ability and the mouse nuclear macrophage activity. Increase mouse ear shell weight and serum hemolysis value by half. The mechanism of mouse cell-active blueberry immunity may be related to the proportion of trace elements and the effect of anthocyanins. Blueberry anthocyanins for lowering blood lipids, preventing fatty liver and liver fibrosis have antioxidant activity, reduce free radical levels, and reduce toxic and side effects of free radicals.

Anti aging

Improve the cognitive brain nerve cells produce a large number of free radicals during metabolism, accelerate aging and cognitive decline. Blueberry extract or monomer can improve the learning and memory function of aging mice; reduce the lipofuscin content in the brain tissue of aging mice Delay the decline of cognitive function; reduce the content and increase the activity in the serum and brain tissues of aged mice, and reduce the oxidative stress damage of aging organisms through antioxidant effects; Pang Wei's research shows that the appropriate dosage on induced in vitro culture The oxidative damage of hippocampal neurons in rats has a certain protective effect, and the number of hippocampal neuron cell apoptosis decreases, reducing oxidative stress damage.

Suppress tumor

The anticancer effect of blueberry anthocyanins has been confirmed in a variety of cell culture systems. Jin Junhua studied the inhibitory effecton the proliferation of human colon cancer cell lines in vitro. The results showed that blueberry can cause the key protein of apoptosis in tumor cells to rise, significantly inhibit protein expression, induce tumor cell apoptosis and inhibit its growth and proliferation in vitro.

Protect eyesight

The retina is located in a high-oxygen environment, and long-term visible light exposure is susceptible to oxidative damage. Blueberries contain a variety of biologically active ingredients and have the effect of protecting eyesight. Meng Xianjun and other studies have shown that blueberry anthocyanins can make light-damaged rats' retinal structures clear and cells arranged neatly; Effectively prevent the thickness of the outer retinal nuclear layer from thinning and reduce the total retinal protein content; significantly increase the activity of retinal cells, and reduce the content of blueberry anthocyanin has a significant protective effect on rat retinal damage.

In addition, health benefits of blueberry extract also has the effects of preventing cardiovascular system diseases, inhibiting obesity, improving diabetes and preventing osteoporosis.

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