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Hesperidin has the effect of preventing age-related cataracts

Jan 04, 2018

   Recently, the 9th research presentation on the new study and discovery of hesperidin sponsored by the Japan Hesperidin Research Society was held in Tokyo, Japan in early December 2017.

In this meeting, Keio University, Japan, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Nakazawa mediated through the disclosure of hesperidin descaling hesperetin have the effect of preventing age-related cataract research results.

In the study, the researchers injected hesperetin by subcutaneous injection into test mice with cataracts and compared them to those not injected with hesperetin.

The results showed that compared with the control group, mice in the injection of hesperetin ophthalmology ophthalmic opacity was significantly delayed, and the crystals of reduced glutathione and other anti-acid substances decreased inhibition, which effectively inhibited The process of cataracts.

In addition, the degradation of the crystalline lens fibroin, which maintains the transparency of the crystalline lens, was also inhibited in the experimental mice, implying that the guiding activity of crystal protein aggregation was maintained and also helped to suppress the progression of cataracts.

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