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Test Shows Curcumin With Fenugreek Relieve Work-related Stress

Dec 15, 2018

Curcumin is a chemical component extracted from the rhizome of some plants in the family turmeric and the family araceae. Among them, curcumin contains about 3% ~ 6%. It is a rare pigment with diketone in all plants and is a diketone compound.


A study in India found that a mixture of curcumin and fenugreek relieves work-related stress. CurQfen produced by Akay Spiceceutical was used in this study.The product is a patented product which is said to have good solubility and stability.

For the study, researchers recruited 60 volunteers who were under a lot of stress at work. The psychological assessment found that these volunteers had symptoms of anxiety and physical exhaustion. They were randomly divided into two groups. The first group was given a 500-milliliter mixture twice a day for 30 days and the second group was given a 95% natural curcumin solution.


The results showed that this component significantly increased the activity of several antioxidants, including glutathione (77%), glutathione peroxidase (70%), and superoxide dismutase (59.8%). Lipid peroxidation, on the other hand, decreased by 53.6%

According to the researchers, curcumin and fenugreek formulas can relieve not only vascular stress, but also psychological stress, namely, symptoms of stress, anxiety and physical exhaustion.

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