Huperzine A Powder

Huperzine A Powder

Production Process: Plant extract, Huperzia Serrate extract
Latin name: Huperzia serratum
Appearance: Brown yellow to White powder
Specification: 1%, 98%
Certificate: FDA,ISO9001,HALAL,COA
CAS#: 102518-79-6
Formula: C15H18N2O
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Huperzine A powder is a natural plant alkaloid extracted from Huperzia plant Melaleuca. It is a powerful, reversible, and highly selective second-generation acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Huperzine A is an ideal drug candidate for the treatment of senile dementia in the world so far. Used for myasthenia gravis, senile memory decline and Alzheimer's disease, adolescent learning disabilities, and memory enhancement.

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Xi'an Prius Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in China. We are a high-tech enterprise committed to the research, production, and sales of natural plant extracts, Cosmetics material, Food additives, and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Our company has a stable raw material base, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, and a professional elite team. We have perfect laboratory facilities and advanced testing equipment, and the use of a complete variety of natural animal and plant extraction, separation, synthesis, fermentation, and other production equipment, and a strict quality control system, to ensure stability and safety of product quality.


Huperzine A powder can be used for the treatment of the following symptoms:

1. It is used to treat and improve memory loss in middle-aged and elderly people, improve associative recall function; used for memory decline caused by excessive use of the brain, and improve learning and work efficiency;

2. Used for memory loss associated with neurasthenia;

3. Used for memory loss caused by cerebrovascular disorders;

4. It is used to improve memory in Alzheimer's disease, and has obvious effects on improving and restoring patients' cognitive and memory functions and improving abnormal emotional behavior;

5. Used to treat myasthenia gravis;

6. Huperzine A can improve association disorders, cognitive decline, and memory loss associated with schizophrenia;

7. It has an effect on improving memory function associated with various brain diseases and physical diseases.


Huperzine A can effectively prevent brain neurasthenia in middle-aged and elderly people, restore cranial nerve function, and activate cranial nerve transmitters. It is a new medicine for the treatment of benign memory disorders.

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