PotassiuM Azeloycinate Diglycinate

PotassiuM Azeloycinate Diglycinate

1.98% purity
2.cas:477773-67-4 3.White powder
4.500kg in stock
5.Lower price and highest quality
6.Free sample availbale

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PotassiuM Azeloycinate Diglycinate is made by our own factory.  It is powder form , white to office white pwoder . Purity can be 98%.  CAS is  477773-67-4.Under normal circumstances, azelaic acid amino acid potassium salt is a colorless or light yellow liquid。we make it  to powder form. Same price with liquid one.

Potassium azelaic acid diglycinate is a water-soluble diamine salt of azelaic acid that improves the technical properties of the formulation. Azelaic acid itself is poorly water-soluble, but it is present in many grain proteins and is a beneficial ingredient for skin. Azelaic acid in the skin is an inflammatory signaling compound that induces the production of salicylic acid. Potassium azelaic acid diglycinate derivative is a safe, highly effective and multifunctional cosmetic ingredient. As a diamine potassium salt, potassium azelaic acid diglycinate is a new ingredient that addresses many of the formulation difficulties of azelaic acid. Potassium azelaic acid diglycinate is water-soluble, less dosage, and strong anti-inflammatory effect

Adding amount: 2-8%


Product Name

PotassiuM Azeloycinate Diglycinate 


White to off-white  powder



Shelf life

2 years




PotassiuM Azeloycinate Diglycinate Application  
Potassium azelaic acid diglycinate is used in masks, skin creams, day creams, night creams, toners, anti-inflammatory and skin lightening.

Potassium Azelaicyl Diglycinate is recommended for sebum control, skin lightening and skin moisturizing. Potassium Azelaicyl Diglycinate helps to lock in moisture and improve skin elasticity. Potassium azelaic acid diglycinate is used in multifunctional anti-aging formulas, skin lightening creams and lotions, acne prone treatment and facial moisturizing.

PotassiuM Azeloycinate Diglycinate function

Potassium azelaic acid diglycinate is a newly developed azelaic acid derivative. It is soluble in water and used in a small amount. It has a good effect of regulating oil secretion, and its whitening effect is stronger. A large number of tests have proved that it is safe and non-irritating, allowing cosmetic formulators to fully exert its excellent biological effects.

Main effect:

1. Inhibit skin seborrhea and eliminate skin acne;

2. Competitively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, with whitening and freckle-removing effects;

3. Improve skin moisturizing ability and skin elasticity.


Melatonin can be widely used in health foods, medicines, various cosmetics, and nourishing care products.


Extraction process flow chart


product certificate


product package


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