Bearberry Leaf Extract Powder

Bearberry Leaf Extract Powder

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6.Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
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9.Specification: 10:1

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Bearberry Leaf Extract Powder is mainly extracted from the leaves of bearberry. Arbutin is main active ingredient in it. The presence of arbutin can also be found in some fruits and other plants. It has the effect of brightening the skin, quickly penetrates into the skin without affecting the skin cells, and binds to tyrosine which causes melanin production. It can effectively block the activity of tyrosinase and the production of melanin, and accelerate the decomposition and elimination of melanin. In addition, arbutin can protect the skin from free radicals and has good hydrophilicity, so it is often added to commercially available whitening products.



Bearberry Leaf Extract Powder is a natural active substance derived from green plants. It combines the "green plant, safe and reliable" and "high-efficiency discoloration" into a skin decolorizing component, which can quickly penetrate into the skin without affecting cell proliferation. At the same time, it can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, block the formation of melanin, and directly combine with tyrosinase to accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation, eliminating pigmentation and Freckles, and do not produce toxic, irritating, sensitizing and other side effects on melanocytes, as well as bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. It is the most safe and effective whitening raw material popular today, and it is also the ideal skin whitening and freckle active agent in the 21st century.



Used in high-grade cosmetics, it can be formulated into skin cream, freckle cream, high-grade pearl cream, etc. It can not only be used for skin care, but also anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.

Burning and scalding raw materials: Arbutin is the main ingredient of the new type of burning scald medicine. It is characterized by rapid analgesia, strong anti-inflammatory ability, rapid elimination of redness and swelling, quick healing and no scarring.

Dosage form: spray or smear.

Intestinal anti-inflammatory drug raw materials: sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect, no toxic side effects.

In fact, the main effect of arbutin is skin lightening, which makes the skin look youthful and beautiful.




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