Ectoine Powder

Ectoine Powder

- Product Name: Ectoine Powder
- CAS: 96702-03-3
- Appearance: White Powder
- Specification: 99%
- Test Method: HPLC
- Grade: Cosmetics Grade

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Ectoin, which comes from Halomonas Elongata, is also known as' salt-tolerant extract '. In the extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature and high ultraviolet radiation.

Ectoin protects halophiles from harm. Research shows that ectoin also has a good protective effect on the skin, and it is one of the bioengineering agents used in high-end cosmetics.

Product NameEctoine Powder
CAS No.96702-03-3
AppearanceWhite Powder
Active Ingredient & SpecificationEctoine 99%
Particle Size100%  pass through 80 mesh
Test MethodHPLC
Shelf Time2 Years

application&function plant extract


- Cosmetics Raw Material(moisturizing&skin repair)


- Moisturizing

Ectoin ensures that hyperhalophilic bacteria does not dehydrate and die in high-salt environments. Besides, ectoin is an important material to maintain osmotic pressure balance and its unique molecular structure makes it has strong complexing ability of water molecules.

Ectoin can continuously improve skin's moisturizing water holding capacity, and the skin's water holding capacity will not decrease immediately after ectoin discontinuation, with which still being higher than that of the control group one week after discontinuation. It's a very good moisturizer.

- Skin Repair

Ectoin is able to decrease the damage caused by ultraviolet light to skin and repair the damage caused by ultraviolet light to the DNA cells.Due to its ability to relieve various pressures on the skin, such as UV damage, skin aging caused by dry environment, and skin deterioration caused by surfactant, ectoin has attracted much attention as a cell repair additive, which is added to cosmetics for the purpose of fighting against skin aging.


STORAGE: Cool & Dry Place, away from strong light and heat

PACKAGE: 10g/one bag

                         1kg/one bag


                         Customization according to customers' request.


transportation way




1.   Can I Get Some Samples?

Yes, we supply free samples, and the delivery cost is paid by our clients.

2.    How To Confirm The Product Quality?
Free samples for your kind testing, and warmly welcome you to visit our factory, third-party inspection is also available.

3.   What’s Your MOQ?

MOQ. is different, normally 1kg is good. You can send inquiry to for confirmation.

4.   How About Delivery Time?

For Stock: 3~5 working days after advance payment or full payment is credited into our bank account.

Customization is according to the production shedule.

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