Curcumin Powder

Curcumin Powder

1.Product Name: Curcumin
2.Specification: 98% Curcumin
3.Appearance: Orange-yellow powder
4.Halal Kosher SO9001 certification
5.Enough in stock
6.MOQ is 1kg
7. Free sample
8.OEM services
9.Safe Delivery: within 3-10work days

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Curcumin Powder, also known as curcumin, acid yellow, is a natural phenolic antioxidant extracted from the rhizomes of Zingiberaceae plants. Generally, the specification of curcumin extracted from natural plants is 95%. In addition, there is 98% synthetic curcumin.


(1) Curcumin Powder has been widely used in the food industry as a common natural pigment for a long time. It has the characteristics of strong coloring power, good heat resistance, and good light resistance. In food production,it is mainly used for coloring products such as sausage products, canned food, and soy sauce products.

(2) Curcumin has the effects of lowering blood lipids, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory,choleretic,and antioxidant. In addition, some scientists have found that curcumin can help treat drug-resistant tuberculosis.




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