Aesculus Chinensis Extract Powder

Aesculus Chinensis Extract Powder

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6.Specification: 4:1, 20%-98% Aescin
7.Latin Name: Aesculus Chinensis Bunge
8.Effectiveness: Circulation support / Antisepsis and anti-inflammation
9.Molecular Formula: C55H86O24

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Aesculus Chinensis Extract Powder is a good anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor drug, anti-inflammatory, anti-exudation, eliminating swelling effect, and has the effect of scavenging free radicals, improving microcirculation and increasing venous tension. It can restore the normal permeability of capillaries, increase the venous tension, improve venous return, improve microcirculation. It is used clinically for vascular diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage.



Aesculus Chinensis Extract Powder


6,7-Dihydroxycoumarin; Cichorigenin




white powder

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Herb Sourse:

bark of  buckeye



Assay Method:



98% by HPLC

Shelf Life:

2 years when properly stored.


Cool and dry place,keep away from strong light & high temp

Melting Point:



25kg or 30kg/drum,or as per your requests.


1. Promote blood circulation, thus providing various nutrients to the skin, taking away metabolites and accelerating skin metabolism. Improves elasticity, improves dullness and dullness of skin, reduces fine lines, improves dryness and roughness, reduces accumulation of fat metabolites, and improves skin aging and sub-health status.

2. Aesculus Chinensis Extract Powder can inhibit the activity of enzymes that destroy the structural integrity of veins (such as collagenase, hyaluronidase, glutathione, elastase, etc.), maintain healthy vascular structural balance and blood circulation, and reduce capillary permeability. Improve the reduction of red blood cells. Significantly improve eye edema caused by poor microcirculation, and also have a certain effect on eye bags caused by fat accumulation.

3. By inhibiting the accumulation of white blood cells, active white blood cells, help them phagocytose against inflammatory factors such as histamine, to eliminate inflammatory symptoms such as edema, acne repair, and promote wound healing. Reduce vascular permeability, maintain the integrity of the venous structure and vascular tone, achieve anti-inflammatory and anti-exudation, eye bags, repair, protect and repair capillaries.

4. It has been tested to have a certain effect against free radical antioxidants.

5. Against the effects of venous stagnation and cellulitis. It improves microcirculation of skin and adipose tissue, improves blood circulation in capillaries, and reduces edema and blood stasis. In addition, clinical studies have confirmed that it can successfully treat edema caused by thigh and chest cellulitis (tightening, slimming). It can effectively reduce the abdominal circumference and tighten the abdomen to relax the skin.

6. For the microcirculation of the scalp and seborrheic dermatitis have a good effect, improve hair loss, can improve the vitality of the hair.


1. The main functional ingredient in medicines as a cream acts as a surface active agent. At the same time, it has a good anti-oxidation effect and a edema effect, and plays a moisturizing effect.

2. Aesculus Chinensis Extract Powder can be used as a colloidal material to increase the skin's smoothness and softness. It can often delay the aging of the skin.


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