Hydrolyzed Sponge Powder

Hydrolyzed Sponge Powder

Product Name: Hydrolyzed sponge powder/Spongilla spicules powder/Sponge Spicule
Appearance: White powder
Specification: 99%HPLC
Application: Cosmetics
Service: OEM (capsule or tablet) customized service
Certificate: FDA,ISO900,COA , Third-party testing agency certification
Payment: T/T,Western Union,Paypal
Free sample is available, Fast and Safe delivery.
transportation :Door-to-door international air and sea transportation (DDU,CFR,CIF,FOB...)

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The effective substance of the Hydrolyzed sponge powder is sponge spicules, also known as sponge microneedles, which are siliceous extracts extracted from hydrolyzed sponges. Due to the particularity of its growth environment, the hydrolyzed sponge has gradually evolved a special skeleton, that is, sponge-like acupuncture, which is a kind of siliceous acupuncture. Although it is small, it has strong hardness and can support the sponge and resist external invasion. . Spongy needles composed of hard protein and heteronuclear hard protein are insoluble in any organic solvent, so they can be used as an ideal natural material for cosmetics and skin peeling curing. Hydrolyzed sponge powder usually grows on branches and rotting leaves, and floating organisms and some parasitic algae will be salvaged together with the hydrolyzed sponges. But only the sponge-like needles are actually used. Other impurities are not good for the skin and can even cause skin irritation and infection. Therefore, we need to remove other impurities and do microbial treatment to obtain sponge extract Hydrolyzed sponge powder with higher purity. Our company has a stable raw material base, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, and a professional elite team.


1. Transdermal absorption. The microneedle penetrates deep into the skin, creating millions of pores directly to the base, providing a channel for the introduction of active ingredients in skincare products.

2. Activate the substrate. Directly to the basal layer to stimulate the division of basal blast cells;

3. One-touch start. Penetrate the stratum corneum, start subcutaneous microcirculation, and promote metabolism;

4. Rebuild the epidermis, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, natural shedding of old cells.


Hydrolyzed sponge powder can be added to All skincare products. Such as facial cleanser, toner, lotion, essence, eye cream, face cream, mask, etc.

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