Natural Melissa Officinalis Extract Powder, Lemon Balm Extract, Flavones/ Rosmarinic Acid ...

Natural Melissa Officinalis Extract Powder, Lemon Balm Extract, Flavones/ Rosmarinic Acid ...

1.Product Name: Rosmarinic Acid
2.Appearance: Brown Powder
3.Latin name: Rosmarinus officinalis
4.Part: Leaf
6.Certificate:FDA, ISO,SGS
7.Grade:Food grade

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Product Introduction:

Rosmarinic acid is considered to be a natural, efficient and stable (high temperature durable), security, non-toxic and side-effects, water-soluble antioxidants and a green food additive.

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Product Parameter:

Product Name:Rosmarinic Acid Supplement
Appearance:Brown Powder
Latin name:Rosmarinus officinalis
certificateFDA, ISO,SGS
GradeFood grade
deliverywithin 3 work days
TypeHerbal Extract


◆ Anti-aging effect.

◆ Strong weight-losing effect.

◆ Anti-cancer effect and can be used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

◆ A natural antioxidant, which it is widely used in food, functional foods, spices and condiments and daily chemical industries.


◆ It widely used as an antioxidant and preservative in axunge series, frozen meat,fried food, Pet food to prevent them from deterioration.

◆ Rosmarinic acid supplement widely used as a preservative in meat and aquatic products, essence, stabilizer in beverages and antioxidant in cosmetics.

◆ Widely used in cosmetics.

◆ Rosmarinic acid supplement applied in pharmaceuic field.

◆ Applied in health product field.


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