Artichoke Leaf Powder

Artichoke Leaf Powder

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Artichoke Leaf Powder cynarin, an active chemical constituent in Cynara, causes an increased bile flow. The majority of the cynarin found in artichoke is located in the pulp of the leaves, though dried leaves and stems of artichoke also contain cynarin.

The edible part of the artichoke flower ball contains a variety of nutrients, high protein, calcium and phosphorus content, and also contains more inulin (higher in roots).

Functional compounds such as acacia and chlorogenic acid, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, are present not only in the flower ball, but also in the leaves.


Artichoke Leaf Powder

Other name

Artichoke Extract 2.5%- 5%/ Brown Artichoke Extract Powder / Natural Plant Artichoke Extract

Latin name

Cynara scolymus

Product source



Cynarin 5% 2.5% by HPLC



Molecular formula


Molecular weight



Slightly soluble in cold water, is soluble in boiling water, soluble in glacial acetic acid, alcohols

Optical rotations


Stacking density(g/cm3)



Brown-yellow fine powder


1.prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis;

2.significantly lower blood ldl cholesterol levels;

3.Enhancedetoxification reactions and liver cell protection;

4.allevitate digestive disorder and increase biliary excretion


Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


25 kg / drum each piece is packed in a polybag, then in a carton. or at customer's requirements

Shelf Life

2 years when properly stored


1. In Europe, artichokes have been used as herbs for the treatment of indigestion. Artichoke Leaf Powder is used to treat digestive tract diseases including abdominal pain, bloating, and nausea.

2. Many experiments have shown that artichoke leaf powder can lower blood lipids, mainly by regulating the lipid levels of cholesterol and lipids in the liver to prevent atherosclerosis.

3. The research on the antioxidant function of artichokes mostly focused on leaf extracts. The antioxidant capacity of polyphenol compounds isolated from artichokes was found to be determined by the number of hydroxyl groups on the aromatic ring. The more hydroxyl groups, the stronger the antioxidant capacity.

4. The anti-microbial activity of chlorogenic acid, citric acid, hibiscus- 7- rutinoside and glucoside in artichoke is relatively high, and antifungal activity is stronger than antibacterial activity.

5. Artichoke Leaf Powder, especially the flavonoid compound, can regulate the expression of NO enzyme in human epithelial cells, promote the synthesis of NO, and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. The vegetable bitterin contained in the artichoke has an anti-caries effect. In addition, artichokes can also improve bowel movements, promote contraction of the intestinal wall, and allow the material in the intestine to be transported faster, thus preventing constipation.


1. As the raw material of drugs for Insulin ,it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;

2.As the natural functional edible polysaccharide, it is mainly used in health product industry

3.As the raw material of low energy health food, it is mainly used in cosmetic industry.


Extraction process flow chart



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