Licorice Extract Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate

Licorice Extract Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate

1.Third party test cert.
2.Enough in stock
3.MOQ is 1kg
4. Free sample
5.OEM services
7.Specification Ingredient:Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate 98%
8.Test method:UV
9.Product packaging:25 kg per fiber drum or according to customer requirements

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Liquorice (British English) or licorice (American English)  is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavour can be extracted. The liquorice plant is a herbaceous perennial legume native to the Middle East, southern Europe, and parts of Asia, such as India.

Liquorice flavours are used as candies or sweeteners, particularly in some European and Middle Eastern countries.

Liquorice extracts have been used in herbalism and traditional medicine.

Glycyrrhizic Acid Ammonium Salt which is extracted from natural herb licorice root has anti liver toxicity, low third transaminase, restore liver cell function prevent fatty change properties; it can promote the metabolism of bile pigment and yellow back and detoxification, reduce collagen fiber hyperplasia, prevent cirrhosis. Thus, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and other fields.


Synonyms: MONOAMMONIATED GLYCYRRHIZINATE;MONOAMMONIUM GLYCRRHIZINATE;MONOAMMONIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE;.alpha.-D-Glucopyranosiduronicacid,(3.beta.,20.beta.)-20-carboxy-11-oxo-30-norolean-12-en-3-yl2-O-.beta.-D-glucopyranuronosyl-,monoammoniumsalt;ammoniate;Ammoniumglycynhizinato;ammoniumglycyrrhizate;glycyrram
CAS: 53956-04-0
MF: C42H65NO16
MW: 839.96
EINECS: 258-887-7
Product Categories: Organics;Biochemistry;Disaccharides;Glycosides;Sugars;Natural Plant Extract;The group of Liquorice;Herb extract;API;chemical reagent;pharmaceutical intermediate;phytochemical;reference standards from Chinese medicinal herbs (TCM).;standardized herbal extract;Inhibitors
Purity: 65%/70%/73%/80%/90%(HPLC);98%(UV)


1.Licorice extract is used as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and promoting the immune system;

2.Licorice extract has effect on clearing heat and detoxicating, expectorant and trating cough and epigastric abdominal;

3.Licorice extract with the function of benefiting stomach, treating weakness of stomach, lassitude, shortness of breath.

4.glycyrrhizic acid will increase skin resistance, eliminate inflammation prevent allergy, clean skin.

5.glycyrrhizic acid could also inhibit the activation of tyrosinase, prevent the formation of melanin.


1.As a sweetener, licorice exatrct is used in food industry

2.As as raw materials of drugs for clearing heat and detoxicating,licorice extract is used in medicine field

3.As product for benefiting stomach, licorice extract is widely used in health industry

4.Licorice extract applied in cosmetic field, licorice extract is able to nourish and cure the skin


Q1.Can I get some samples?

A: Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost be paid by our customers.

Q2: How to start orders or make payments?
A: Proforma invoice will be sent first after confirmation of order, enclosed our bank information. Payment by T/T, Western Union or Paypal or Escrow(Alibaba).

Q3: How to confirm the Product Quality before placing orders?
A:You can get free samples for some products,you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us and take the samples.
You can send us your product specifications and requests,we will manufacture the products according to your requests.

Q4:What’s your MOQ?
A:Our MOQ is 1kg. But usually we accept less quantity such as 100g on the condition that sample charge is 100% paid.

Q5: How about delivery leadtime?
A:About 3-5 days after payment confirmed. (Chinese holiday not included)

Q6:Is there a discount?
A:Different quantity has different discount.

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