Sunless Tanning Lotion Ingredient Erythrulose

Sunless Tanning Lotion Ingredient Erythrulose

Product name: Erythrulose
Other name: L-(+)-Erythrulose
CAS: 533-50-6
Molecular Formula:C4H8O4
Assay: 98%

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product description

Sunless Tanning Lotion Ingredient Erythrulose is a yellow to reddish sugar found in red berries, most commonly raspberries. Like DHA, it tans the skin due to a reaction with the amino acids (proteins) in the skins dead surface layer, producing a brownish tint.

It works in much the same manner as DHA. Neither ingredient uses the skins normal pigmentation or UV exposure to produce the tan coloration. But rather works as a chemical reaction on the skins dead surface cell layer, and changes the dead skin cells to a brownish tone. This is a similar reaction to how cut fruit can turn brownish when exposed to air.


Sunless Tanning Lotion Ingredient Erythrulose and DHA:

A sun-tanned appearance is a symbol of a healthy, dynamic, and active life. Yet, the damaging effects of sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet radiation on the skin are well documented. These effects are cumulative and potentially serious, and include sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging of the skin.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) has been used in cosmetic self tanning products for many years, but it does have many disadvantages which have been troubling the people. Therefore, there is an eager desire to find a more safe and effective self-tanning agent to supersede DHA.

Erythrulose has been developed to reduce or even eliminate the disadvantages of DHA, namely an irregular and streaky tan as well as an intense drying effect. It presents a new solution for the increasing demand of self-tanning. It is a natural keto-sugar occurring in Red Raspberries, and may be produced by fermentation of the bacterium Gluconobacter followed by multiple purification steps.

Erythrulose and DHA


1.Tan Fade

With any self tanner, as the skins colored (tanned) dead cells flake off (millions a day) the lighter un-tanned skin appears, which is what causes a sunless tan to fade or lighten.

This can take anywhere from 2-10 plus days, depending on skin condition, products used, DHA level used, and skin care practices before and after tanning.

Sunless Tanning Lotion Ingredient Erythrulose when blended with DHA can help the tan tone appear "richer"; deeper and more even. Depending on the client, the tan fade rate may be slower, and smoother.


The sunless tan coloration may be more visually pleasing and "natural"; looking, as an Erythrulose tan is a slightly different tonality than DHA. It can add a warmer/redder tone to the final sunless tan. Though this can vary depending on the individual client, as each person's unique skin may differ in how it reacts.

Erythrulose is a slower working tanning agent, that can be less drying to the skin. When used alone, the tan developed is lighter in color than a DHA based tan.

Erythrulose generally takes 2-3 days to develop a tanned color, and reaches its maximum intensity after 4-6 days.

DHA takes 8-24 hours to completely darken, and intensifies for 2-4 days.

E/DHA blended products can make the tan appear darker on days 2-4 of application. This can also contribute to a slower fading tan, as the coloration peaks later in the tan development cycle.

So as the DHA tan is starting to begin its initial fade cycle, the Erythrulose is at its darkest range.

Many find a combo product provides a deeper more attractive tan. That wears more evenly, fades slower, and looks more "natural".


Detailed description:

Product name: Erythrulose
Other name: L-(+)-Erythrulose
CAS: 533-50-6
Molecular Formula:C4H8O4
Assay: 98%
Appearance: Yellowish Paste

Packing specification:1kg/bottle,25kg/drum


Storage: Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life: The shelf life of the oil is two years if unopened in the original package. Once opened the oil should be blanketed under Nitrogen and used within six months.

Packing: 1,5kg/one Aluminum bottle

1,3,5,10,25kg/plastic jerry can

50kgs,60litre/Iron drum

180kg,200litre/Iron drum

Or according to customers' request.


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Q1.Can I get some samples?

A: Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost be paid by our customers.

Q2: How to start orders or make payments?
A: Proforma invoice will be sent first after confirmation of order, enclosed our bank information. Payment by T/T, Western Union or Paypal or Escrow(Alibaba).

Q3: How to confirm the Product Quality before placing orders?
A:You can get free samples for some products,you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us and take the samples.
You can send us your product specifications and requests,we will manufacture the products according to your requests.

Q4:What's your MOQ?
A:Our MOQ is 1kg. But usually we accept less quantity such as 100g on the condition that sample charge is 100% paid.

Q5: How about delivery leadtime?
A:About 3-5 days after payment confirmed. (Chinese holiday not included)

Q6:Is there a discount?
A:Different quantity has different discount.

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