1.Product Name: Beta-Ecdysterone/Beta-Ecdysone powder
2.Plant source: Cyanotis Arachnoidea
3.Synonym: Hydroxyecdysone/20-hydroxyecdysone/Ecdysterone
4.Appearance: Brown yellow to White powder
5.Specification: 90%UV, 95%HPLC,98%HPLC
6.Certificate: ISO9001,kosher,Halal,COA
7.MOQ: 1kg, Samples are accepted
8.Safe Delivery: Within 3-7 work days

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Beta-Ecdysterone is an active substance extracted from the root of Commelinaceae plant Cyanotis arachnoidea C. B. Clarke. Depending on the purity, there are brown-yellow to white powders. It’s widely used in breeding, health care, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.


1.Beta-Ecdysterone acts on the human body to promote protein synthesis, eliminate cholesterol in the body, lower blood lipids, and inhibit the increase in blood sugar. It is used in rheumatoid arthritis in folk. In the sericulture industry, it is used to shorten the age of silkworms and promote silking and cocoon formation;

2. In the breeding industry, it is also widely used in the breeding of prawns and crabs;

3. In cosmetics, ecdysone is also used as a special additive; when ecdysone is added to cosmetics, it can prevent the skin from drying out and make the skin more delicate.

4. Beta-Ecdysterone also has a good prospect for development and application in crop yield aids.  




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