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Would PQQ Powder Be The Next Hyaluronic Acid?

Apr 19, 2022

Recently, news of PQQ's approval of new food materials has aroused hot debate in the large health industry.

pqq.jpgPyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt [Acceptance Number: Weishi xinshenzi (2021) No. 0004] was accepted as a new food material on 08-mar-2021, and open for comment on 17-Aug-2018, then to recently approved new food material identity, less than a year before use, it is obvious that the speed of approval in the approval department can be seen to accelerate.

It makes one wonder about hyaluronic acid in 2021. According to the health commission's website, hyaluronic acid was declared for new food materials in June 2020, September 3, 2020, for open comment; On January 7, 2021, it was officially announced like a novel food ingredient. The product was launched in March 2021, and as of now, more than 300 foods containing sodium hyaluronate are posted online. There was more than a year from the declaration of the fire of the product. So can PQQ recreate the brilliance of hyaluronic acid?

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