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Why Is Sugar-free Drinks Showing Blowout Growth?

Oct 09, 2021

1. After a long period of market cultivation, health concept deeply rooted in the people. WHO believes that excessive consumption of sugar is one of the causes of the epidemic diseases such as obesity and glycuria. According to WHO standard daily sugar intake is 25 grams, the standard is published in July 2019.

2. People are rich, According to Nielsen's 2019 survey, 82% of Chinese consumers are willing to spend more on healthy drinks, up from 68% globally.

3.The new sugar substitute tastes better, Saccharin has the taste of metal, sweeteners are frequently questioned about safety, the recipe for sugar-free drinks is repeated.

The development of sugar substitute has gone through six generations, using saccharin and sweeteners for more than 70 years is first and second, The third-generation sweetener aspartame is the most widely used, Acesulfame and sucralose, the fourth and fifth generation sweeteners, are currently increasing at the fastest rate , which are gradually replacing the previous sweeteners, Neotame is a sixth generation sweetener, but because sweetness is not well controlled, it is not widely used.

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