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Vitamins For Eye

Nov 24, 2021

"Vitamins" for Eye: essential and need additional supplements

As described by Jose piccolotto, President of Jianming human nutrition and health division, if only one word can be used to summarize the meaning of lutein to eye health, the word must be the "vitamin" of the eye. Of course, some vitamins, such as vitamin A, are also essential to eye health, but lutein is to the eyes as vitamins are to the human body - essential and must be supplemented with meals.

Vitamins For Eyes

Lutein and zeaxanthin naturally exist in some fruits and vegetables, the intake can be ensured by optimizing the dietary structure, but the actual situation is that the dietary structure of residents in many areas is not so perfect. The China Nutrition Association pointed out in the "reference intake of dietary nutrients in China" that the specific recommended value of lutein is 10mg per day, and the maximum tolerable intake is 40mg. However, many countries and regions of the world have lower intakes of fruits and vegetables in their diets, and lutein intake is well below 10 mg/day. For example, the total daily intakes of lutein and zeaxanthin in American adults are 0.8mg-1.1mg, 0.5-4.0mg in European populations, and 0.6-1.1mg in Brazil. Even in Japan and China, which use more fruits and vegetables in general, they are only 0.35 and 2.9mg per day. Some studies have shown that because the harvest season of fruits and vegetables rich in lutein is mostly in spring, the intake in spring is often higher than that in other seasons, but even in spring, the intake is far lower than the recommended level. Therefore, additional lutein supplementation is particularly important.

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