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The Skin Care Of Lavender Essential Oil

Sep 21, 2017

The skin care of lavender essential oil

Essential oils are known as "plant hormones."

Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender,it can detoxify, clean the skin, control the oil, freckle whitening, wrinkle rejuvenation, eliminate eye bags dark circles, but also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue and other skin care function. It can purify, appease the mind, reduce the feeling of anger and exhaustion, people can calmly face life.

The main effect is skin care.

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Acne: Provence of the upper lavender plus Australian tea, with a strong bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, quickly into the hair follicle to remove acne bacteria, eliminate epidermal acne, acne, acne, repair damaged cells, promote cell regeneration.

Acne scars: scientific gold proportion of the deployment of lavender essential oil, with excellent repair effect, the elimination of acne at the same time quickly desalination epidermal acne India, pock, pox pit, inhibit acne bacteria again breeding, lasting maintenance of non-acne no India Health skin.

Blackhead: is caused by hair follicle blockage in the hair follicle formed by the black "bolt" element, lavender deep conditioning essential oil quickly into the hair follicle, remove the hair follicle deposits, clear the pores to remove excess oil.

Sensitive: soothing repair allergic skin, relieve stress, mental stress and depression caused by the skin's natural resistance weakened, restore skin self-repair function, strengthen the skin to the outside world resistance.

Water and oil imbalance: the skin over the oil, are due to surface water and oil imbalance caused by lavender deep regulation of skin PH value, control skin skin oil secretion, the use of cypress super moisturizing ingredients to restore the skin water and oil balance The best condition.

Large pores: deep cleaning pores in the dirt block, tight skin skin, astringent pores, inhibit excessive secretion of epidermal oil to prevent the formation of large pores again, to promote cell regeneration, improve dull dry aging skin.

Consequntly, lavender essential oil is our best choice for skincare.

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