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The Influence Factor Of Chinese Herbal Extract

Sep 26, 2021

The influence factors of Chinese herbal extract can be divided into three aspects: raw herbs, extraction solvents and extraction conditions.

The influence of the original herbs on the extraction is mainly reflected in the herbs's genuineness , used parts and the authenticity , so it also says the "good herbs, good medicine" that sentence. processing materials in traditional Chinese medicine also has an important influence on its extraction , so for the different ingredients contained in the medicinal herbs to choose different concocting process, For example, the herbs containing volatile oil should be processed and treated in a timely manner, dried in the shade, water treatment should be "wash quickly", so as not to lose volatile oil, especially pay attention to heating treatment.

herbal extractExtraction solvents are classified as water, hydrophilic organic solvents, pro-lipid organic solvents, commonly used solvents in order of hydrophilic strength weakened as follows: water, acetic acid, methanol, ethyl ethyl ethanol, ethanol, acetone, ethyl ethyl ether, trichloromethane, dichloroethane, triclosan, carbon tetrachloride, carbon dioxide, petroleum ether.Common extraction aids are acids, alkalis, surfactants, stabilizers.

The extraction conditions are mainly the granularity of the drink tablet, the immersion time, the extraction time, the extraction temperature, the number of extractions, the amount of solvent, pH, the extraction pressure.

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