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The Effects Of Herb On Improving RA

Oct 22, 2021

In recent years, Chinese Herb has received more attention because of its remarkable efficacy and few side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine can play a role in RA prevention and control through multi-component and multi-channel. The main components for the treatment of RA are more complex, including alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenes, phenylalanine, etc., its pharmacological effects are pain relief, improving inflammation, regulating immune function, protecting cartilage, reducing the formation of blood vessels, inhibiting the growth of the membrane and so on.

improving RA

1. Alkaloid is a class of nitrogen-containing organic compounds present in nature (mainly plants) with significant pharmacological activities such as anti-cancer, analgesic, immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory, etc. Clinically alkaloids used in the treatment of RA such as Sinomenine, tetrandrine, Colchicine, berberine, strychnine, aconitine, etc. , these alkaloids mainly come from the caulis sinomenii, tripterygium wilfordii and other anti-paralysis Chinese herbs, they have different structures, which can directly or indirectly inhibit the occurrence of inflammation.

2. Terpenoids is a class of compounds derived from methyl hydroxy acid, it is also an important material used in the chemical composition of herb to treat rheumatoid arthritis, mainly in the Triptolide, celastrol, Andrographolide and so on.

3. Flavonoids are a class of compounds widely found in nature, with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-viral, strong heart, bile, analgesia and sedation and other pharmacological activities.

The effects of Herb on improving RA

4. Natural polyphenols are also important compounds for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, such as curcumin (CR), a natural polyphenol component extracted from the roots of turmeric, which inhibits the proliferation, invasion and angiogenesis of inflammatory cells by inhibiting the activation of NF-B and inhibiting the expression of inflammatory factors such as IL-1 and IL-6 and TNF-α.

In order to improve the effectiveness of rheumatoid arthritis treatment, the mechanism of Chinese herbal active ingredients has been studied at home and abroad, which is summarized as inhibiting pro-inflammatory factors, mainly inhibiting FLS hyperplication, effectively promoting FLS apoptosis, and strengthening the effective suppression of bone damage.

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