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Regulate Gastrointestinal Function Of Aloin Aloe Vera Extract

Dec 12, 2018

Aloin, a kind of Anthraquinone compound, fine yellow powder and extracted from Aloe barbadensis Miller, is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, health care products and other fields.


According to literature reports, aloin content in aloe vera is about 1% to 1.5%, and the product has long been in the forward market where demand exceeds supply. This is because that the separation technology is quite difficult, aloe raw materials contain a lot of polysaccharide impurities and aloin associated. This led to the separation of the product is very difficult, and aloin itself is a C=C health glucoside, rather than the C=O bond of common kind.


Though it is difficult to extract, researches on can not be stopped, today we find one good function for human body as below:


Under the action of parasitic bacteria in the human body, aloin will be hydrolyzable into of aloe emodin, this kind of aloe emodin stimulates intestines peristalsis with no effect on small intestine. Due to osmotic pressure change at the same time, it also help to eliminate intestines waste so as to achieve Laxative. This kind of stimulation has the special curative effect to the constipation and hemorrhoids, especially to the senile constipation, and the treatment effect is obvious.It has the function of enhancing appetite, strengthening stomach and relieving diarrhea.

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