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Natural Skin Care - Plant Extracts

May 16, 2022

With the improvement of people's living standards year by year, the acceleration of the pace of modern life, and the increase of survival pressure, coupled with the environmental pollution of modern cities and the increasingly harsh natural climate, more and more people have skin problems, which makes skincare more and more important.

Nowadays, skincare products are no longer the exclusive patent of women, men's skincare products are no longer used by professionals. More ordinary men are joining the ranks of skincare products. Men's skincare products have shown a good development momentum, which further expands the market of skincare products. The use of plant-based medicinal materials in the formulation of skincare products is a natural trend, and more and more synthetic ingredients are replaced by natural plant ingredients. Now consumers pay attention not only to natural products but also to the effect of products.


skin whitening



The vast land, with flowers and fruits as the medium, has bred many magical plants, moistening and nurturing face skin like a flower. Dr. Kober, the world's top Ethnobotanist, said in an interview that plant-based skincare products that extract natural ingredients from plants are the

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