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How To Treat Malaria

Sep 14, 2017

As we all know malaria has a big effect on human life. Malaria (malaria) is caused by the parasite infection of the parasite disease. Malaria is prevalent in 102 countries and regions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, 2 billion people live in endemic areas, especially in Africa, Southeast Asia and some countries in Central and South America. In the 1930s, malaria was almost all over the country. After years of effort, the incidence rate dropped significantly.


How to prevent and treat malaria?

The first step---- prevention.

1.Diet health care

Food should choose light and refreshing, and easy to digest and absorb the high protein diet, a variety of nutrient content is rich and have enough water, available milk, liver soup, egg soup, fruit juice, vegetable and other food.


During the heat, the appetite of the semi-liquid diet, such as rice gruel, noodles, vegetable soup, fruit juice, milk, egg soup and so on.


Strong mouth dry mouth, should eat fresh fruits, such as watermelon, pear, water chestnuts, sugar cane.


2.Preventive care


1. Control of infectious diseases to improve the epidemic report, radical malaria patients and patients with malaria parasites.


2. Cut off the transmission route is mainly to eliminate Anopheles, to prevent being bitten by anesthesia. Removal of Anopheles mosquito breeding sites and the use of insecticides. Personal protection can be used repellent or mosquito nets, etc., to avoid mosquito bites.


3. to improve the population resistance to malaria Vaccination may reduce the incidence of this disease and mortality, but due to the diversity of Plasmodium antigen, to the vaccine development more difficult. Currently developed mainly sporozoites and gene vaccines, has not been available for field applications.



The second step:treatment
In the area of resistance to chloroquine in P. falciparum, the ideal method is the combination of several antimalarials. In recent years, the development of pyronaridine, artesunate, artemether on the chloroquine strains have a higher efficacy. The program is as follows:


① pyronaridine 800mg, sulfadoxine 1000mg, pyrimethamine 50mg, 2 days service; or the three drugs of the 500mg, 1000mg, 50mg Dayton clothing.


② Artesunate: 180mg on the first day, the first 2,3 days of the 120mg, diluted with saline into 5ml, slow intravenous drip.


③ Artemether Day 1 160mg (intramuscularly), the first 2,3 days of the 80mg.


More than three drugs for the treatment of cerebral malaria treatment.


Prevention: chloroquine 300mg interval 7 to 10 days, or 600mg interval of half a month. In the area of falciparum malaria can be used: ① piperazine 600mg sulfadoxine 200mg, once a month; ② pyrimethamine 50mg sulfadoxine 1000mg every 7 to 10 days 1; ③ pyrimethamine 50 ~ 75mg sulfadoxine 1000 ~ 1500mg mefloquine 500 ~ 750mg, once every half month。



The most important thing is to build our body strongly and eat healthy food.


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