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How To Analyze 3 Questions On Curcumin?

Nov 03, 2021

As the " popular product" of the health care industry, many of the roles of curcumin have long been well known to the public.

Although curcumin is growing and showing a trend of diversification, low water solubility, unstable properties under physiological and alkaline conditions, and low oral bioavailability of curcumin caused by metabolism have been the biggest reasons for limiting its use in healthy foods. Although many manufacturers have increased the oral bioavailing of curcumin to some extent, complex processes and low loads are common technical short plates.

How to Analyze 3 questions on curcumin

Several doubts about curcumin products in recent years:

1. About the load: can the actual load of curcumin be consistent with the product description?

2. Bioavailability: can supplements be reasonably digested and absorbed after entering the human body?

3. Water solubility: can the disadvantage of curcumin insoluble in water be solved?

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