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How High Is The Value Of Skin Care Ingredients From Extreme Environments?

May 31, 2022

Deserts, plateaus, extremely cold regions, volcanic craters, and even the deep sea... These areas, which are not suitable for people to live together or are inaccessible, have an inherent mystery. With the exploration and progress of scientific research, people begin to recognize and believe that plants or organisms bred in extreme environments have stronger adaptability and richer biological genetic and functional diversity.

In many product stories of international brands, we see that the appearance rate of ingredients from extreme environments is getting higher and higher, and they often appear in high-end products. For example, the LA MER tells the story of the Pacific Ocean's deep-sea giant algae for many years. The black key green essence mainly promoted by Armani uses the Milo wood with strong drought resistance and the alpine Edelweiss used in the Helena meiliuguang series.

Extreme environmental elements have the mysterious color of the region and the "rare" attribute of the corresponding environment. If enough experiments are added to prove that such elements are more effective than those produced in the general environment, it is indeed a very good source of element stories.

skin care ingredients from extreme environments

"Whether microorganisms or plants, if they want to adapt to extreme environments, they must have some special ingredients, such as the polysaccharides of cactus and the glyceroglucoside of resurrection grass. Therefore, the source of the extreme environment can be publicized as a story, but at the same time, we can also confirm what is really effective in it through scientific theory, so as to further confirm its scientificity. "

Among these ingredients, Ectoin should be the most famous. As the first echelon ingredient for soothing, maintaining stability, anti-inflammatory, and barrier repair, it has been applied in many international famous brand products.

The chemical name of Ectoin is tetrahydro methyl pyrimidine carboxylic acid. At first, scientists discovered ektobin from a highly halophilic bacterium that lives in a high salinity environment. It is an important osmotic pressure compensation solute in microorganisms and also a cyclic amino acid derivative. At present, the research and application history of Ectoin in skincare products has been more than 30 years.

In addition to exercise, there are many "unknown" ingredients that have also been proved to have excellent skincare effects. The source of "extreme environment" also brings richer story background for these elements.

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