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How Far The Herbal Extract Can Go

Jun 07, 2017

With the improvement of living standards, people's health needs are reflected in all aspects of life.More and more people begin to pay more attendion on their healthy. So herbal extact Gradually attract the attention of the people,especially in developed countries.


At present, China has produced hundreds of varieties of herbal extracts, which has formed large-scale production, the products available for export large plant extracts are: Ginkgo biloba extract, green tea extract, ginseng extract, licorice extract, ephedra extract and so on. These products in the Western countries have a stable market and good sales.

ginseng extract.jpg 

At the same time,with the food and medicine homologous certification, there are up to hundreds of varieties herbal extracts can be added to the food, the function from anti-fatigue to reduce blood pressure to digest, to take care of the needs of people, the need for further development and application But also for the development of plant extracts industry has brought new opportunities.


But there are some herbal extracts have magical effects while have not much application. For example:Seabuckthorn extract. This is a small berry plant grown in western China, is the world's most natural species containing natural vitamins of precious economic forest species, the vitamin C content is much higher than fresh dates and kiwi fruit, which is known as the treasure of natural vitamins. Seabuckthorn extract extracted from the fruit of seabuckthorn, with cough and phlegm, stomach digestion effect.  

 Seabuckthorn extract.png

With the socio-economic development, the herbal extract will have a greater consumer demand and consumption space。

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