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Foods, Beverages, Supplements: A Way To Healthy Aging

May 09, 2017

Almost all consumers state that a healthy lifestyle is more important as they get older, but two-thirds feel that maintaining their healthy lifestyle is more difficult as they age. As such, consumers are looking for help to work through these obstacles to make their ageing transitions easier. There are innumerable options available to consumers to help them in their quest to lessen the effects of ageing.


Overall, according to NMI (Natural Marketing Institute) research, most people believe that healthy eating and exercise are key to this goal. But less important are taking supplements and regularly seeing a doctor。ェand taking prescriptions is seen as the least desirable alternative of these choices.


Diet clearly plays a key role in healthy ageing. Three-quarters of consumers believe the availability of many healthy foods and beverages makes it easier for them to manage their health. In fact, 44 percent actively seek out foods with anti-ageing qualities. And as new and innovative food and beverage products come to market, consumers will be open to them; for example, almost two in 10 over age 65 would be interested in a food item with the benefit of regenerating ageing cells.


Beyond foods and beverages, consumers look to nutritional supplements as a means of addressing their ageing issues. Similar to foods, a majority believe the availability of supplements makes it easy to manage their health and are interested in supplements that would work to regenerate ageing cells.


In the end, consumers have options and choice in their quest for health. And understanding the consumer pathway to vitality is paramount to success for any organization.

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