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Application Potential Of Algae in Cosmetics

Feb 16, 2022

The application of microalgae in cosmetics is increasing year by year. It is widely used to treat skin problems, such as anti-aging, whitening, and reducing pigmentation. Although algae have been used in some cosmetic formulations, such as moisturizers and thickeners, its effectiveness as the main active ingredient is still insufficient and has not been fully developed.

More than 70% of the earth is covered by the ocean, and more than 90% of organisms live in the ocean. The ocean provides a unique environment and rich resources. Many marine organisms have great potential to produce active compounds, as well as drugs, health products, and cosmetics. Therefore, more research is needed to explore, identify, understand, and ultimately use marine organisms.

Application potential of algae in cosmetics

In the past 2.45 billion years, algae have adapted to extremely harsh and competitive environments by producing a series of compounds and secondary metabolites, and therefore have the ability to live in different ecological environments. Algae can be seen in the water or on land, even where crops cannot be grown.

Microalgae are single-celled or simple multicellular species, which grow rapidly, live in harsh conditions, and can withstand a variety of environmental pressures, such as heat, cold, anaerobic, salinity, photooxidation, osmotic pressure, and ultraviolet radiation. Microalgae are superior to traditional plants in yield, easy extraction, and raw material richness.

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