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AAES 2021: Changes And Trends in Food Nutrition

Nov 10, 2021

01 Dietary supplements

It has evolved from basic nutrients (vitamin minerals) to precise nutrition.

Vitamin mineral tablets, for example, have begun to break down more changes from gender, age, use scenarios, etc. in Europe and the United States, Carrier changes of dietary supplements in addition to traditional tablets, the emergence of chocolate carriers, added GABA, L-triamcinolone, increased emotional soothing function.

02 Dairy products

From simple protein to more diverse nutrition, probiotics, fish oil extracts, dietary fiber, and lutein esters are added to cover eye protection. The same goes for plant milk, which, in addition to the underlying minerals, adds Omega-3 to further enhance cardiovascular benefits.

Dairy products

03 Complementary food for infants and young children

On the basis of nutrition, the trend of fortification is to pay more attention to nootropic growth, in addition to the basic vitamin minerals, it will also see DHA, ARA.

04 leisure food

Consumers are more looking forward to products that can be nutritionally replenished at relaxation. Such as adding vitamins to crisps, probiotics to nuts to achieve healthy gut function, baked goods, in addition to the most basic vitamin minerals, add some functional factors, such as GABA, so that consumers in a relaxed time, get more nutritional supplements.

05 Candy

Pursue health while being sweet. The probiotics added to the pressed candy can maintain the health of the oral cavity. Add hyaluronic acid, hoping to become more beautiful. You can also add white kidney bean extract, hoping to be thinner and thinner.

06 meal replacements

In the process of controlling the body's absorption of carbon water and calories, some absorption of other nutrients will be lost. When the human body is undernourished, there will be some negative changes and emotional problems in psychology and physiology. Therefore, in substitute food products, in addition to making up for the lost nutrition, we should pay more attention to the physical and emotional needs. For example, adding GABA can make consumers feel comfortable while reducing fat.

07 Drinks

As a high-quality carrier, in addition to its thirst-quenching function, it can also be endowed with more specialized applications. For example, adding GABA to bubble water can bring pleasure in mood except for oral pleasure.


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